Monday, January 23, 2012

Tell me what do I do?
With my heart out on the floor I can't do this anymore.
Because I lost you.
And tell me what can I do?
To forget you, oh god i miss you.
Baby where did you go? When did we start?
To fall apart for the world to see.
And what do I do?
I can't live this life without you.
Its just the pictures of you, and the memmories we share,
You didnt care and now im left with this
I can't do it anymore,
i lost my heart
My forever from the start

Baby I miss you
and oh god how I want you
back in my life I wouldnt even blink
What can I do?
to show you I care
to show you we all make mistakes
we all learn from them
Why cant you care?

I wish I knew what to do
or where to begin
with this life that feels like an end
I lost my forever and my bestfriend
all at once and now Im left with this

Baby where did we go?
When did it start?
We fell apart for the world to see
and now what do i do?
To go on without you...
Im so lost like im out at sea

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